HMH Phantom Spirit

HMH Phantom Spirit became Ghostwind Appaloosa's first stallion selection after much careful and critical research. He was selected from Irene Smith's wonderful foundation appaloosa program where he was at the time the junior stallion for the High Mountain Hollow farm breeding program.

Phantom is the product of intense leopard breeding with a high concentration of black based color and refinement on a well-balanced substantial body. His sire Lacy's Running Wolf; Sundance 500, CRHA-6006, APHC-565734 and FAHR-500 is a true tri-colored leopard with size and superior conformation and a great head and substantial hip. His dam HMH Snow Leopard also brings her own power packed pedigree to this mix along with her own intense leopard to leopard bloodlines and excellent conformation.

Phantom's bloodlines have been concentrated in the US Midwest, specifically in Indiana and Illinois. It has had little dispersion over the years with pockets in TN, FL, OR, WA, WV and of course Upstate NY. Phantom's progeny are now showing and competing successfully from West Virginia through the western United States and soon in Canada.

Phantom's foals here at Ghostwind Appaloosas are proof that he can consistently stamp his foals with the set type we were looking for in a performance horse. His appearance, stature, demeanor, disposition, proven bloodlines and production record are excellent indicators that you might just find your next performance horse here at The Greenwood Ranch, Home of Ghostwind Appaloosas. Please feel free to call us at anytime.