Apache Kid Galahad

Apache Kid Galahad was bred by the late Frank Scripter.  In 1995 Frank delivered Galahad to and subsequently surprised Jerry and Lucy Messer at their, "The American Leopard Horse Ranch" in Washington State.   Galahad has over 40 years of intense leopard to leopard breeding in his pedigree which attests to his distinctive black based leopard coat pattern his forebears passed down.

Galahads' disposition, athleticism and bloodlines will give any owner of his progeny an excellent opportunity to build or add to their program and/or participate in any performance horse event or competition.

This stallion is trained to pack in and out of the mountains. You can shoot bow and rifle while in the saddle as you face your prey, furthermore

according to Kelly Messer, the gentlemean who trained Galahad, a further demonstration of Galahads' athleticism is demonstrated by his preference for the mountain's cliff side while either going up or down.

Apache Kid Galahad arrived at Ghostwind Appaloosas in the spring of 2009. We have paired Galahad with a number of foundation mares over the last 4  seasons. Some of these mares were also bred by the late Frank Scripter and we are very lucky to have a number of grand daughters from these pairings.

Ghostwind Appaloosas will strive to perpetuate Frank's and Jerry's successful foundation appaloosa breeding program.  We are excited to have Galahad as a cornerstone for The Greenwood Ranch, Home of Ghostwind Appaloosas.