GR Phantom Comet
GR Phantom Comet
blk few spot
Bill or Joanne Greenwood
Odessa Saskatchewan Canada
Bill or Joanne Greenwood
Odessa Saskatchewan Canada

GR Phantom Comet
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GR Phantom Comet's Additional Information
This young colt has the look,disposition and conformation for a future herd stallion. He is very brave,very curious and and will come up to visitors in the pasture to check them out and visit. Always under his dam's very watchful eyes. His bloodlines are phenomenal and he will most definitely give you colour. He is an Apache Kid Galahad and Lady Magnificent grandson and his sire HMH Phantom Spirit was one of High Mountain Hollows stallions prior to our acquiring him. Test results from UC Davis: LP/LP, PATN1/PATN1, coat colour -black a/a E/E. This colt is Homozygous for pattern and colour. This young colt is for sale by Private Treaty only.

Appaloosa Horse

HMH Phantom Spirit X GR Magnificent Storm

A few black spots on the left side of his body and very fancy black bands on all four feet.

GR Phantom Comet
HMH Phantom Spirit
Lacy's Running Wolf

HMH Snow Angel

GR Magnificent Storm
Apache Kid Galahad

Lady Magnificent
Solar Flair Eclat