Welcome to The Greenwood Ranch, Home of Ghostwind Appaloosas.

We hope you enjoy our new site as you walk with us in our paddocks and pastures through our pictures. We are giving you a snapshot of our daily ranch life; either with our new foals in the spring, the mare herd out on pasture, the gelding group and their pasture antics and of course our herd stallions in their runs and out on pasture.

Our classic foundation appaloosa horses carry old and valued bloodlines that go back to the beginnings of the Spotted Horses in the New World. These legendary bloodlines produce exceptional appaloosa horses. These horses have all the characterisitics that horse owners look for in top performance bloodstock; such as temperament and intelligence, gorgeous movement from equally gorgeous and correct conformation and jaw dropping coat patterns. These are a few of the reasons that drew us to these horses.

We will regularly update this site and add more of our horses. Our  Appaloosa geldings and young mares and broddmares  will be added soon. We will also share our stories on how most of these great horses came to be part of  The Greenwood Ranch, Home of Ghostwind Appaloosas.