Welcome to Ghostwind Appaloosas at the Greenwood Ranch located in the central plains of Saskatchewan, Canada, just NW of Williston, North Dakota and NE of Chief Joseph's famous last stand near Chinook, Montana.

Our Ghost Wind Appaloosa Foundation pedigrees carry bloodlines that are a reflection of our breeding philosophy and this philosophy comes from the first cardinal principle of horse breeding found in the 1750's expression, "like begets like."(1).This expression has been followed in the creation and maintenance of all the great horse types in the world.

Ghostwind Appaloosas carefully selects their stallions and mares to perpetuate two essential and critical qualities. These qualities can be found in the results reflected by the foundation appaloosa breeders who came before us, the necessity of sound conformation and teachable temperament. These are the two basic qualities for superior all round horses.

We believe those breeders, who adhered to this tried and true formula bred the best all around horses for all types of riders and work.This formula is simple; breed exceptional foundation mares to equally well bred foundation stallions.This knowledge and insight is as valuable today as it was many, many years ago.

”With the large number of new riders coming into the field of horse recreation, it behooves a horse breeder to breed a horse which is structurally safe for the new and inexperienced rider.” (2) George Hatley

We spend a lot of time with our horses not only in the saddle but also on the ground , in the round pen and in the pasture with weanlings. We know the importance of a sound ride with a good mind. That is why we choose our stallions and mares very carefully. For more information, feel free to contact us either by phone or through email.

(1) J.G.Speed’s, The Horse in America 1905

(2) Palmer Wagoner, The Appaloosa Anthology